Wateralkalizer MELODY II Ionizer vanaf 2021

Alkaviva Melody II - The Next Generation

Meer dan 15 jaar hebben we de Jupiter waterionizers aanbevolen.
De aangeboden modellen worden echter niet langer geproduceerd.
De vervangfilters ervoor blijven wel beschikbaar ...

Daarom zijn we op zoek gegaan naar een waardige opvolger die eveneens waterstof infuseert en dus "Hydrogen Rich Water" of "Waterstof Rijk Water" aanmaakt.


Review van de Vesta H2 Waterionizer

Technische Gegevens Melody II

The Melody II has continuous cleaning and post cleaning for perfect water always
The AlkaViva Melody ionizer’s LIFETIME Warranty on all parts (even plates) and Lifetime Limited Warranty on labor gives you assurance your Melody II water ionizer will last
The J Melody water ionizer has five levels of alkaline water and two levels of acid water. In addition you can set it for just getting filtered water whenever you want
The Melody water ionizer gets great ionization with 5-plate electro-plated platinum coated titanium ionizing plates and integrated MICOM computer circuitry throughout
The Melody ionizer has a high-quality stainless steel output spout, an easy wipe-down, one-touch control panel, and a calcium port inside each filter
In addition to the continuous cleaning, the Melody II has a unique post-operation automatic, silent cleansing for the final touch of perfection and extended lifespan
Filter usage Liquid Crystal display indicator
Optional ability to connect direct to main water pipes and operate under municipal water pressure
1/4 inlet tube and 3/8″ output hosing
Two built-in temperature sensors